ICT usage patterns of tourism business in Chiang Mai, THAILAND

This research was to study the pattern and suggestion in ICT usage of tourism business in Chiang Mai. One hundred ninety (190) questionnaires, referred from ICT usage pattern in organization which was divided into 3 sections: office work, communication/contracts and public relation/advertising, were gathered from tourism business in four districts in Chiang Mai.

Results showed that of the tourism business only 54.7% have their own websites. Using ICT for public relations and advertisement purpose, hotel/accommodation was the highest users with majority as 29.3%; followed by tour operator with majority as 26.3%; transportation and souvenir was the lowest number of users with minority as 50.0% and 25.0%. For communication purpose, hotel/accommodation business and tour operator business were high users with majority as 56.1% and 43.4%; followed by restaurant business as moderate user with majority as 50.0%; and transportation business as the lowest user with minority as 31.1%.

The  suggestions from a total of 67 questionnaires or 13.67% summarized as follows:

  1. The government sector or educational institutions should seek experts and hold trainings for tourism businesses especially the small and medium size businesses which lack people with ICT know-how and capital for advertisement. Training program should compose of using internet for advertisement, making website for the business, ICT application for tourism and other techniques using the computer in business, E-commerce, other forms of media /techniques in promoting tourism in Chiang Mai, data base for e-tourism, law on culture and history for accurate presentation to the tourists, and world tourism. Trainings should be given to all and not only to selected tourism businesses regularly.
  2. The government sector can give support in terms of providing free high speed internet services and other services to the tourists coming to Chiang Mai. They should support computer software to the businesses in order to standardize the information such as hotel software, car rental software, tourism software, and advertisement software which allow the government controls efficiently the tourism in Chiang Mai. Support of software is in the form of open sources and supports the private sector in allowing them to use the software to decrease costs of copyright payment. The taxes should be decreased especially taxes of hotels that pay the software copyright and the high costs of maintenance and system advancement.
  3. The government should be interested in improving and expanding the tourism in Chiang Mai by having a common websites for tourism in Chiang Mai and having a server with quality.
  4. The government officers should think of the interest of the common good provide safety to the tourists and politicians should keep the political situation calm or steady. 
  5. The government should build good facilities for the convenience of the tourists such as good public transportation system (public bus and train) and provide for travel safety. Information service on tourist destinations should be efficiently accessible. Entrance fees to tourist places and tour operator fees should be standardized and give copyright protection to tour operators. Regular meetings of tourism businessmen would be helpful in bringing progress to Chiang Mai and websites should be censored to protect the youth.

More information : School of Tourism Development, Maejo University


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